Our shop produces ideas that work

An Extension Of Our Design Capabilities.

The Shop. It's where our designers go to build and break things. These hands-on insights allow them to rapidly improve their product designs.

Clients seem to like The Shop, too.



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The Shop is a full machine shop, which means verification units can often be the first early production units.
Result: our clients get finished product faster.
Further, first run issues and improvements, are addressed on the fly, to keep clinical studies or limited releases on schedule.

We prefer to use our shop to make verification units so the device that is being tested for score, is coming from us. 
Result: you get the confidence the device works.
Further, we do, too.



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Some of the capabilities/tools found in The Shop:


• Finishing

• Assembly

• HAAS Mini Mill - CNC Mill

• HAAS VF2 - CNC Mill

• HAAS VF2-SS - CNC Mill

• HAAS SL20 - CNC Lathe

• Star SV-38R Type B - CNC Swiss Lathe

• Milling

• Turning

• Simultaneous 5 Axis

• Stainless

• Aluminum

• Titanium

• Composite and Advanced Materials

The Shop is also a place for fun.