Primordial Soup is a product development firm with deep experience in healthcare.

We are mechanical engineering centric. This means we speak the language of design, electrical engineering and manufacturing. Mechanical engineering is the translator for other engineering disciplines. We're very effective in balancing user needs with manufacturing needs. Our clients achieve unified products. In short, we're crushing it.



Market Research  |  Trend Research  |  Human Factors Research and Evaluation  |  Design Input Development  |  User Needs Development

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Industrial design

Brainstorming  |  Concept Development  |  Concept Visualization
CAD Modeling  |  Color/Material Finish Design  |  Product Visualization  |  Marketing Material Creation



IP Generation  |  System Design  |  Device Design  |  Design For Manufacture (DFM/DFA/DFX)  |  Material Specifications
Process Development/Specifications  |  Component and Assembly Drawings  |  Bills of Material  |  Packaging and Labeling Design/Specifications


Analysis & Testing

Finite Elements Analysis  |  Failure Analysis  |  Verification

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Sourcing  |  Close integration with Manufacturing  |  Marketing Material Creation  |  Rapid Prototypes  |  3D Printing  |  Packaging Design  |  Project Management  |  Regulatory Adherence


Project Management & Documentation

Project Plans and Schedules  |  Product Specifications  |  Risk Analysis and Management  |  Design Reviews  |  Regulatory Submission Support


Psoup listens. They match the scope of their efforts to the customer’s goals.
Larger design firms want to expand projects beyond what is necessary.

They are strong with developing creative solutions to projects with contradictory goals. I view this as balance and clarity. And, their industrial design and engineering skills are Elite.
— Karl Zgoda, Director Product Development, Respirtech