Advancing Healthcare Device Design

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Because we're mechanical engineering centric,
clients leverage our experience on a range of interesting projects.


Lean Organization

Working with us, you won’t spend a lot of time with unnecessary meetings or paperwork.

Perfect Mix Of Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering

You’ll work with a results driven, dedicated creative team who gets things done.


  • Have identified a clinical need but not a full solution
  • Want to improve patient outcomes
  • Want to develop a new product / device and get it to market
  • Want help developing new or improving existing surgical procedures
  • Need a quality system and/or regulatory process


  • Fresh ideas
  • Solutions to difficult problems
  • To get through the FDA process
  • To achieve better ergonomics
  • Additional manufacturing expertise
  • Industrial design magic
  • Just a sketch
  • To finally get a project completed

our clients say...

  • We are easy to work with
  • Our results are a good value
  • We make it work

How We Work


Our shop is an extension of our design capabilities.

Proving designs by building and quickly iterating on-site dramatically cuts design cycle times, and produces better products.


We communicate ideas effectively, and early.

We want our clients to vet ideas at early stages.

This allows us to explore possibilities and adapt while costs are relatively low. 


We are people people.

We have great relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers.

Our clients spend less time listening to jargon, and more time innovating.

We use industry standard design control processes and regulatory procedures.

We’re able to rapidly plug into
leading medical device companies’ workflows and further their designs. We can also help startups.

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Our manufacturing team knows design.

Our designers know manufacturing.

Together, they keep the needs of the user balanced with the needs of the manufacturer.